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Cabin No. 7 at Cabwaylingo State ForestCabwaylingo State Forest is located on 8,123 heavily forested acres in the heart of Southern West Virginia in Wayne County. Built largely in the 1930's, the forest gets its unique name from the four surrounding counties: CABell, WAYne, LINcoln, MinGO.

Cabwaylingo State Forest is steeped in the history of the Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930's and 1940's. The CCC camps including Cabwaylingo, were established to rebuild forested acres which in turn marks the beginnings of the West Virginia State Park system.


The hard working members of the CCC built log cabins with stone fireplaces, the superintendent's residence, picnic areas, barracks, hiking trails and a fire tower. Many of these structures still exist, and are in use today. Examples of CCC labor is the kitchen section of the current barracks which now serves as a 100-person group camp.























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